Does Influencer Marketing Work?

Does Influencer Marketing even work?

Yes, Influencer Marketing has worked and always will work.

We have always had highly-paid celebrities endorsing and promoting products. It’s just now more accessible to everyday people and brands because they are at a lower price point that we can buy into and we can use.

However, does every influencer work?

Now, this is where it gets questionable!

There are two main types of influencers. You have the influencers who engage communities and create value and you have the influencers that just follow trends. The latter have large followings because people like the look of their content but they don’t necessarily trust them enough to buy anything they promote.

Don’t get me wrong: these types of influencers can be useful when you use them as part of a mass strategy but, if you’re a brand who’s only paying one or two influencers, you might not get any results.

This might lead you to think that Influencer Marketing doesn’t work.

But if Influencer Marketing didn’t work, you wouldn’t have people like Olivia O’Neill selling products out in a matter of thirty minutes.

How do you find the right influencer for your strategy?

You need to look at their statistics before engaging with them.

Who’s following them? Why are they following them? Are they getting big numbers just because they’re following trends or because they’re engaging a community?

If you’re going to choose a few influencers, make sure you go for the people who create a community rather than the people who just follow trends and are being hyped because of that.

After hearing all these horror stories about other people’s experiences with Influencer Marketing but knowing just how powerful it can be for brands, I have put together some training about what to look for when picking influencers, how to avoid influencer fraud, how to find influencers that will deliver ROI and have a community around them, and what kind of metrics to look for when looking for community.

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