Trends: Don’t follow the influencers. Follow the youth.

Clubhouse was never destined to become mainstream and here is why.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there was a huge obsession with Clubhouse last year and, specifically, with audio rooms.

To understand why I personally think that Clubhouse was never meant to go mainstream, despite the success it had at the time, you have to understand how media platforms progress.

So, I’ve been a huge advocate of TikTok. That is because the platform started with the right demographic. Typically, when you look at the growth of social media platforms, they have to start with the youth and then become more popular with the older generations.

This isn’t new. This is what we saw with MySpace and then with Facebook, and now pretty much all the young people have vacated Facebook and they’re on Instagram and TikTok.

Snapchat was there for a bit. It didn’t 100% go mainstream but it’s still clinging on.

When you see a platform that hasn’t been adopted by the youth first, that’s usually a massive warning sign.

Like Pinterest, these companies might be huge and generate a lot of money, but they’re not going to be the next Instagram.

That is why I believe Clubhouse never had the capacity to be the next Facebook. However, it did teach us that audio is becoming more important - it just wasn’t the right time or place.

Hint: look at the youth... *cough* *cough* Discord.

And, remember here, we are talking mainstream. It was definitely still impactful and helpful to some. It was just not destined to be the next big thing. Remember: there are no bad platforms - it’s just the right platform that you can leverage to get attention for your product.

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