Step up your Social Media for Business in 2022

With Rhian O'Leary, Social Media Consultant


Step Up Your Socials | Find New Revenue Streams | Reach New Financial Goals

Invest in your business

When everyone else decides to turn off for Christmas, it is time to keep going. Invest in yourself. Secure those last Christmas sales and get ahead for 2022!

Do you have a message you want to share with the world? But social media is a stumbling block to getting it out there?

Do you get the same 6 likes on every post?

Perhaps just linking to your latest blog post doesn't cut it anymore.

Because it doesn't ENGAGE.

Social media is meant to be social - not 'selling'. By interacting with social media as a professional company, you are actually losing your biggest selling point.
Your story. You. People buy from you. They want to hear from a trusted thought leader in the industry and this is why it's time to change your approach to social media.

What we cover in the course!

Week 1 - What are your values and what differentiates you from your competitors

How to make your business competition-proof. 

Week 2 - What content does your ideal client engage with and how to test

Tuning into what content creates sales for your niche and business.

Week 3 - How to create amazing content for your brand

Creating a plan so that content is easy and doesn't overwhelm you.

Week 4 - Ads vs boosting posts & collaborations. What is the best way to grow?

Learn the advantages of ads and when to use them or when to boost the post.

Week 5 - Reassessing revenue streams for your business

Are you getting the most out of your business? We will look into different ways of selling to either stabilise or bring in more revenue.

Week 6 - Data tracking and refining content and results over time

An easy way to track data and sales to see what is working and what isn't.

What people are saying about Rhian

'Rhian has so much knowledge when it comes to Social Media she could bore you for hours. But where she really shines is that she deeply understands people. How customers think, how I run my business, what I want to achieve. So she can get the best results for all involved. I really love working with Rhian!'

- Christine S., Small Business Owner. UK 

'Rhian is a genuinely rare advertising talent, combining just the right balance of data obsession, empathy for the consumer, and creative flair. To top it all off, she's also a wonderful person to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough.'

Graeme B., Marketing Manager

Course Details 

Starting December 2nd.

Sessions will be held live on Zoom 6-7pm every Wednesday. 

Whilst sessions are held live, you can watch and revisit these sessions at any time! You do not have to attend live to join in!

Want to have a chat to see if this is for you? 

About Rhian 

At the heart of Regality, Rhian has extensive experience in leveraging paid social to take brands from generating zero sales to 6 figures monthly. Before starting her own company she was instrumental in taking her previous employer from 0 to £50,000+ per month generating high profile leads. She is incredibly data-driven and ROI focused to deliver the best results at the lowest cost to the client.