Using TikTok and Reels to Turn Views into Customers


How to use short-form videos to earn the trust of your customers and grow and convert your audience

Streamline your Business | Find New Revenue Streams | Reach New Financial Goals

Who is this for? 

  • Digital or Social Media marketers that want to expand their skillset.

  • Small Business owners who want to take advantage of short-form videos such as TikToks and Reels to grow their audience. 

Do you...? 

Know that TikTok and Reels can be super powerful for your business but don’t know how to use them to grow and convert your audience?


Feel overwhelmed seeing people dancing on TikTok when you don't know what to create?

Get lots of views of your TikToks or Reels but don't know how to convert them?

What would it be like if...?

You knew exactly what type of videos work for your business?

You knew how to get customers to buy into your company through short-form video?

You knew the difference between content that will GROW your audience vs content that will CONVERT your audience into paying customers?

What we will cover: 

  • How to make short-form videos (TikToks and Reels)

  • The best ways to hook your audience

  • How to tell your story so that your audience will want to buy from you

  • Why short-form video is a long-term strategy, NOT a quick fix

  • Why you're only ever one video from your next big opportunity


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About your trainer...

At the heart of Regality, Rhian has extensive experience in leveraging paid social to take brands from generating zero sales to 6-figures monthly. Before starting her own company, she was instrumental in taking her previous employer from 0 to £50,000+ per month by generating high profile leads. She is incredibly data-driven and ROI-focused to deliver the best results at the lowest cost to the client.